About Us

About Us 

We are very glad to provide mind-blowing and professional car services that can fit any car. We have enjoyed a good place in the industry for decades, earning a good reputation for our seamless and reliable services.

The car service is not our sole purpose, but also focuses on customer satisfaction, so we adhere to the customer feedback. We have won many hearts with our excellent professional car services.

We constantly strive to translate the dreams of our customers into reality through our services. With us, car repair services are easily done just with a click.

We have provided the customers with an option of live tracking, and they can      always notice the thing going on.

Apart from this, we are renowned for proving speedy Service. You may be late for choosing us but get your delivery of services immediately.

We have well-trained personnel and technicians who use the best quality       equipment to fulfill their work.

One of our special attributes is that we help you save your valuable money as 

"We  believe in repairs rather than a replacement".

Our Services 

● Periodic Service  this type of periodic maintenance service includes repairs to be performed at specified time intervals when the vehicle is operational. The Service is self-explanatory by its name, and it is planned. These repairs    are performed with or without the signs of degradation.

● AC Service & Repair  traveling without your ac or damaged ac is dreadful     during the office commute. When the temperature goes up to 60oc, you must get the repair done for your car's ac. This is the most prior thing for a good journey.

● Battery Service  the thing usually seen in car journeys that derail the total fun is the interruption in the car due to worn-out batteries. Ensure that regular maintenance is done as the battery is paramount to keep the vehicle living on the road.

● Denting & Painting  the unfortunate accidents cause injuries to your vehicle and leave dents and paints off them. These scratches give an odd look to your vehicle. We provide body enhancement services for the cars to give them fine looks.

● Wind Shield & Glass – the contingent safety of the vehicle is on the windshield attached to them. It is necessary to keep your vehicle's windows     clean and free from frost through regular maintenance.

● Diagnostic & Electricals – there are various configurations in the car like  headlights, fog lights, and indicators that enhance the overall look of your vehicle.

 We provide the best quality fitments that can give a tremendous     look to your vehicle.

● Car Spa & Clean  the most casual thing we know about car servicing is interior and exterior cleaning. But our vehicle requires deep cleaning as well. 

We provide deep cleaning services and thereby giving your vehicle a full spa.

● Tires & Wheel care  no part of the vehicle is as important as the wheels as they are the reason for a smooth ride.

    The rubber and the metal on the wheel that interacts with the pavement should be regularly maintained.

   We     provide the best material tires that influence the car drive excessively.

● Detailing Service – the detailing services for the car include the task of thorough cleaning of the car from the interior and exterior. Also, all the scratches are attempted to eliminate to make it whirl like a new vehicle.

● Insurance Claims  one of the best things that we offer our customers is the insurance claims services as we have tie-ups with certain insurance companies. This procedure lets the customers' insurance claims get speedily cleared so they can enjoy the seamless delivery of the services. 



Best Car Repair Service in Hyderabad

The car and maintenance services are provided by us 360o in Hyderabad. The tools and equipment used by us to accomplish the task are the latest as per the technology. All this is done to ensure that the best car repair services are provided to our customers, guaranteeing the vehicle's proper repair. Our services are essential to let your vehicle function smoothly and enjoy trouble-free ownership. Our mission is not solely restricted to the services to the customer but rather the satisfaction that our customer gets from our best car repair services. A satisfied customer gives positive feedback, which in turn helps to build the name of the business.

We take care of the need of the technicians and enable them to use the updated equipment by giving them proper training. The services are highly reliable and unequaled professionalism, thereby maximizing the customer convenience.




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services that can fit any car.

services for all Brands

of delivering before the

due Time. If we discover



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● Midtown Service Support  stuck at any other place. No worries, we are there to help you in each possible way. You may live in Hyderabad but require maintenance services in Delhi. In this case, we will track the history of the car and examine it under our list. If everything goes right, the center across the nearest area will provide you the Service.

● Utilization of 100% OEM-

  Specified or Unique Spare Parts it is said that when we get stagnant, our growth also stagnates. So, we aim to improvise ourselves each day by consistently advancing our services. We use 100%

genuine spare parts and other manufacturing material that is beneficial in the long term.

● Multi-Platform Client Care 

 our services and contact details are available on various platforms. This makes it easy for our customers to reachus. Our service providers are readily available to help you as soon as a contact is established.

● Determined Buddy for Services – we provide our ever-ready car repair services and a caring servicing buddy that will help you get your card renewed. The car buddy is available locally and is well-versed with eh situations and responsible for assisting the customer. After the task is over, he eagerly welcomes any feedback from the clients.

● Attractive and Affordable Pricing we hold dynamic strategies,and therefore we can save costs, thereby enabling the services to our customers at affordable prices.

● Certified Specialist and Outfitted Workshops  the entire workshop on the car repair of Ayan motor in Hyderabad is filled with the latest technology equipment. We make use of the best apparatus, and these are operated by well-experienced and trained staff.

● Free Pick and Drop at the Location – in the busy schedule, we procrastinate    the work and let it be. But no worries, now it is no more required to visit the      workshops for the car repair services like free pick up and drop facility is provided by us. All you have to do is wait to get your renewed car again.

● Multiple Options of Payment  as we try to ensure maximum customer convenience, we provide various online payment options. The options include Paytm, UPI (google pay, BHIM UPI, PhonePe, etc.), net banking or mobile banking option, cash on delivery option, credit cards, and debit card. We also provide a pay after service facility that enables us to achieve customer support.



Benefits of Our Services


● The main motive of our service providers is to make sure that the customer is satisfied. A satisfied customer is a reason for the growth of the company.

● Will you ever get the best services and the prices too low? Yes, you can reach us if you want car services at affordable prices, which are


● The spare parts and the types of equipment used by our technicians are of the best quality. This benefit is assured by us which makes the car work longer.

● There will be no more need to visit the services outlets as you can enjoy free pick up and drop at your doorstep service with us.

● We provide a network warranty on the car services, which is unconditional. Hence the customers can enjoy extra benefits of the spare parts.

● We have established upfront and competitive pricing that can help you save another 40% on the services of your car.


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The Brands We Serve 

We provide our faithful services to all the brands and car models ranging from Nissan, Mahindra, Daewoo, Maruti Suzuki, Isuzu, Hyundai, Skoda, etc.

Moreover, we provide our OEM services for the luxury cars like BMW, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Audi, Ferrari, Benz, etc. we have been known to perform as per the expectations of the brands, never letting a single chance of complaint or negative feedback from them.



How does it work?

The working of CALL2MECHANIC for providing the best quality premium services to their customers is quite easy. All you have to do is follow the below given quick steps, and boom, the work is done.

● Select Car Service – we have a large portfolio showcasing all the services provided by us. Choose the type of services that you want to avail yourself of from us.

● Schedule Pickup – once you are done choosing the Service from our vast portfolio, schedule a time for the Service you want to avail yourself of. You no more need to take your car to our outlets as we offer a free pick up and drop facility to provide convenience to our customers.

● Track Your Car – although your main job is done yet, you can track the status of your work sitting at your place. You can keep track of your car.

● Collect Keys – the last thing you have to do is to collect your keys at your doorstep. Apart from the ease and convenience, we provide a chance to our customers to earn as well. This can be done just by referring our services to your friends, and there you get your points. 


Book our Services from Home! 

To avail of the best services of CALL2MECHANIC, book an appointment from home. You can book an appointment either on-call or through the mail. You can call us on +91 7030802090 or mail us at [email protected] to book our services.

Our team will establish a connection with you on contact. The appointment will be booked, and the best time slot will be provided to you as per your needs.


Our Car Repair Services! 

Do you know that you don’t have to visit your car manufacturer’s service center to maintain your vehicle? Whether it's your car’s Engine or anything else, You can come to us. We use the latest diagnostic equipment to guarantee your vehicle is repaired or serviced properly and in a timely fashion. Regardless of your car’s make and model, We provide all types of Car Services in Hyderabad at the best prices.

Our All Services

● Periodic Service

● Denting & Painting

● Batteries

● Car Spa & Clean

● AC Service & Repair

● Tires & Wheel Care

● Detailing Services

● Windshields & Glass

● Diagnostic & Electricals

● Insurance Claims


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1. How much time does it usually take to get the repairs done?

The time is not accurately defined as the time taken for the repairs of the car is fairly dependent on the character of labor. As per the duration statistics, it usually takes about your precious ninety minutes for the work to be done.

2. Why should you come to CALL2MECHANIC?

We offer Home Pickup & drop Car Services, and we also offer luxury car maintenance services. The most important part about us is we use original & genuine parts, while only professionals with experience in luxury cars carry out the service.

3. I can't drop my car for servicing and repairs. Are there such facilities of pick up available?

All your worries bent down when you choose us as we readily provide free pick up and drop out the facility to our customers. So, all you have to do is sit and relax.

4. Do you take any charges for the pick up of the car from our doorstep?

We are glad to announce that we take care of our customers from the bottom of our hearts, and the pickup services are provided to them free of       c      o s           t

5. Is an appointment need to be booked before giving the car for Service? 

Yes, of course, if you are willing us to take your car from your doorstep for repair, then you have to make an online appointment on our website.

However, if you after visiting the workshop, then your work gets done hand to hand.

6. Do you provide a warranty or guarantee facility on the car service?

Yes, we provide warranty services to our customers, redeemable at any center or workshop in Hyderabad.

7. What cars do you service/repair?

We offer repair & maintenance services for all Brand Cars & All luxury models.

8. How do I pay for the service?

Simple, we allow online & offline payment. Once your car service is complete, and after you are satisfied with all details.