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Call2Mechanic A Receives Prestigious Award

Call2Mechanic Receives Prestigious Award for Emerging Startup in the Automobile Service Industry

Call2Mechanic, a revolutionary startup in the automobile service industry, has been
honoured with the prestigious “Emerging Startup in the Automobile Service Industry”
award by the World Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (WASME), a
government of India entity (MSME). The award ceremony took place on September
15th, 2023, at the Scope Convention Center in New Delhi.
The accolade is a testament to Call2Mechanic’s outstanding contribution to the
automobile service sector, particularly in Hyderabad, where the company has carved a
niche for itself by providing transparency and doorstep services. With its innovative
approach and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Call2Mechanic is
transforming the way people perceive and experience automobile servicing.
Founded by four visionary entrepreneurs, Sameer, Wajid, Ahad, and Afsar, each with
their unique expertise, Call2Mechanic has successfully managed its operations and
expanded its footprint in the vibrant city of Hyderabad.

The award was presented to Call2Mechanic by Dr. Sanjiv Layek, Executive Secretary of
WASME, and Ms. Mukangira Jacqueline, the High Commissioner from Rwanda
Republic, during a prestigious ceremony attended by industry leaders, government
officials, and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Call2Mechanic’s journey began with a mission to modernize the traditional garage
system by introducing mobile servicing solutions that combine professionalism and
integrity. This innovative approach has created a win-win situation for both customers
and service providers, making automobile servicing more convenient and accessible.
Commenting on this remarkable achievement, Sameer, one of the co-founders of
Call2Mechanic, stated, “We are deeply honored to receive this prestigious award from
WASME. It is a recognition of our team’s hard work, dedication, and commitment to
redefining the standards of automobile servicing in Hyderabad. Our goal has always been to offer transparent, reliable, and hassle-free services to our customers, and this
award reinforces our commitment to that mission.”

Call2Mechanic’s innovative approach to automobile servicing has revolutionized the
industry. By leveraging technology, the company has made it possible for customers to
schedule services at their convenience, eliminating the need for lengthy waits at
traditional garages. With a dedicated team of skilled technicians, Call2Mechanic
ensures that customers receive high-quality service without leaving the comfort of their

As the company continues to expand its services and reach new milestones, it remains
committed to its mission of redefining automobile servicing and providing customers
with convenient, reliable, and transparent solutions. This prestigious award from
WASME is a testament to the company’s achievements and a source of motivation to
strive for even greater excellence in the future.

About Call2Mechanic:
Call2Mechanic is a pioneering startup in the automobile service industry based in
Hyderabad, India. Founded by four visionary entrepreneurs, Sameer, Wajid, Ahad, and
Afsar, the company is dedicated to modernizing the traditional garage system by
offering mobile servicing solutions that prioritize professionalism, integrity, and customer
satisfaction. With a commitment to transparency and convenience, Call2Mechanic is
reshaping the way people experience automobile servicing.

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